Floyd and Eddie

BRC is developing and implementing innovative and new ways to serve the chronically street homeless. Many New Yorkers who for years called the street their home are now sleeping safely on clean sheets under BRC roofs. This week's story is about two such individuals, Floyd and Eddie.

On Monday, February 6, 2007, Floyd moved into his own room after five years on the street. He did this through a new program at BRC that allows homeless people, for whom other options have failed, to have a private temporary room where they can stay until they find permanent housing. The only requirement for entry is the desire to find a stable home; these parameters worked for Floyd. Having grown to trust the BRC Street Homeless Outreach workers who visited him regularly, Floyd made the decision to come inside.

A few days later, BRC Outreach teams were back at work at the same spot, when who should approach them but Floyd, visiting the people with whom he used to live. At that point he took it upon himself to do some of his own outreach with his peers. He told them how good he felt now that he was living in a stable environment and working with BRC. After his peer outreach efforts, 71-year-old Eddie decided to give it a shot, too. Eddie also had a relationship with BRC, having spoken with outreach workers numerous times during his years on the street. Floyd's words moved him to take the first step toward independence. The Outreach team moved quickly, placing Eddie in a room that night. Two weeks later, Floyd and Eddie both have keys to new rooms as well as better lives. The outreach teams continue to visit them daily.

At BRC, we believe that people come first. Every person is capable of reclaiming their life if the right opportunities are available to them. Recognizing that different people need different services, BRC has created a variety of programs that give people what they need, when they need it, and on their own terms. Even more important than what we provide, however, is the dignity and respect with which we offer services. Floyd and Eddie are finding success, on their terms, through the latest of BRC's empowering programs.