Thank you for visiting BRC's Volunteer Services page. BRC volunteers are crucial in our continuing fight to end homelessness in New York City and we look to you to help us in our efforts. Please take a moment to review our list of typical volunteer needs and opportunities; you'll be surprised at the many diverse ways you can help.

What kind of volunteer positions are available at BRC? Volunteer positions vary widely, from teaching ballroom dancing, to painting hallways, teaching English as a second language or even assisting our staff during meal service. Take a look at the brief descriptions below. We're confident you will find something that fits your interest and availability.

Can my child(ren) volunteer? Due to the nature of our client needs, most volunteer positions are only appropriate for people 18 years of age or older. However, be assured there are exceptions and we do encourage you and your child(ren) to still contact us. Feel free to contact Volunteer Services so that we can discuss this in more detail.

Can my group of friends, work colleagues or neighbors volunteer together? Absolutely! A number of our programs can put small groups of volunteers to work; the actual job, however, depends on the size, the time of day and area of interest. We encourage you to contact us for further information. We would also love to conduct onsite volunteer orientations or setting up an information table on your own premises. Just give us a call and we can discuss it.

I have a special skill that I would like to offer BRC but I'm not sure you need it. What should I do? You never know what we might need, whether it's creating web pages, writing a newsletter, or teaching our clients crochet or needlepoint. Some jobs require specific skill-sets, but others are really up to what you can bring. So register and let us know what you can offer.

I'm pretty limited in my availability because I work during the day. Is there anything I can do at night or on weekends? Rest assured, we understand the pressures a job can bring and we are very aware of limited time and availability. Because most of our programs are 24-hour operations, we do need help in the evenings and weekends. Take a look at our volunteer needs. You'll find something that fits your schedule.

How can I be notified of updates or future events in which I can serve? Once you have completed the New Volunteer Registration form and have attended an orientation, you will be added to our database and be kept abreast of new programs and needs via email. Typically these emails will be sent out on a bi-weekly basis. When something catches your interest, let us know and we'll sign you up!

I'm interested! What should I do next? First things first, please complete the New Volunteer Registration form. Before receiving an assignment, we do require that you also attend a New Volunteer Orientation so that you may familiarize yourself with BRC, as well as learn more about the specific volunteer position you are interested in. Once we've received your registration form, we will contact you to arrange a requisite orientation.

I still have a few questions. Is there someone I can talk to or email? Please feel free to contact Rick Akin, Volunteer Coordinator at (212) 803-5720 or send him an email at

Thank you for considering BRC as your choice for volunteerism. It's people like you that truly enhance the work we do within the community.