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Cat Gordon

After a tour of BRC, it was extremely apparent to me that BRC doesn't just provide a roof over people's heads.
Cat Gordon headshot


is an active member of the Junior Board, and volunteer at BRC.


What motivated you to join the Junior board?

I initially started volunteering with the BRC through my current employer, where we hosted mock interview events with BRC's workforce development program. The gratitude and enthusiastic smiles expressed on the participants' faces really showed me how much of an impact I could make by simply providing practical knowledge for their resumes and encouragement. I thought the [Junior] Board would be a great way not only to continue using my skills to make a difference but also a great way to spread awareness of the BRC among young, professional New Yorkers.

What keeps you the most motivated and engaged with BRC?

After getting a tour of one of BRC's facilities, it was extremely apparent to me that BRC just doesn't just provide a roof over people's heads - they provide a path to get homeless individuals back on their feet. I was blown away and inspired by the comprehensive number of services and programs they provide (from addiction and mental health counseling to art therapy), to ensure every client has the individual tools to best position them to succeed. I also met a lot of BRC staff members as well as volunteers and their dedication and enthusiasm was contagious!

If BRC were to disappear tomorrow, what would be the biggest loss?

We would lose the largest homeless outreach program in NYC! The 10K+ homeless people who were served last year by BRC programs would not have been able to take advantage of BRC's resources. The number of homeless people living in New York City has reached a record-high. To think that the number could have been even higher is quite troubling.

If you were to give someone one reason for why they should support BRC, what would that reason be?

I work with numbers all day, so I am all about statistics… Over 800 men and women who graduated from BRC shelters and moved into more independent housing last year.  Of those who moved out the year before, less than 10% have returned to the shelter system. I'd say BRC's success rate speaks for itself!

From the Desk of Muzzy

Rather than create wealth for private developers, could we use the same shelter contract to create housing for low-income people?

Muzzy Rosenblatt,
CEO & President