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I feel very connected to the organization, its mission and most of all the residents.
Elianny, BRC Volunteer


is a weekly volunteer at one of BRC's housing locations, 

where she leads a creative writing class for the residents.

How has your relationship with BRC changed since you first started supporting the organization?

My relationship with BRC has definitely evolved over the years. I feel very connected to the organization, its mission and most of all the residents that I have had the privilege to spend time with over the years.  

If you were to recruit a friend or colleague to support BRC, what reason would you give for why they should join? 

I would tell them that BRC is a great place whether you are simply looking for a short term assignment during the holidays or if you are looking to engage more with the organization. There are all levels of support you can offer depending on what it is you are looking for; everyone at BRC makes you feel welcomed! 

What keeps you motivated and engaged in your support with BRC?

What keeps me motivated is seeing the progress that BRC has made to get people off the streets and hearing from the residents about how far they have come. 

What has been the most powerful moment you have experienced while supporting BRC? Why was it powerful? 

A powerful moment for me was hearing from how much the residents enjoy the time we spent together during our creative writing class. I was away for a few months and it was really a great moment going back and seeing everyone again. 

From the Desk of Muzzy

Rather than create wealth for private developers, could we use the same shelter contract to create housing for low-income people?

Muzzy Rosenblatt,
CEO & President