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BRC made me challenge myself.
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Larry, Program Director, Lex Safe Haven

has been at BRC since 2001, when he started as an outreach team leader. Over the years, he gained the experience to advance to Director of Lex Safe Haven, one of BRC’s gateway service programs. 

When you joined BRC, what were you hoping your experience would be like? 


When I joined BRC it was already dawned with the reputation of being innovative and comprehensive in its approach with delivering services and with my now 16 years of service it has lived up to those expectations.

What was the most memorable thing about your first day with BRC?

I would point out the diversity of the team culture, the trust and the support from our superiors and the technology that was provided in the field that was unique for its time in doing outreach.

Have you been able to accomplish what you’ve wanted to in your time here? 

Yes, and then some. Coming aboard in 2001 I had only set my sight on being the best outreach team leader I could be. But witnessing BRC growth as an agency I wanted to be a part of that as well. BRC made me challenge myself. I went back to college while working full time with the support of my supervisor and obtained my Bachelors and Masters Degrees and put myself in position to be part of the solution on a greater scale.

What keeps you motivated and engaged in your work with BRC?

Every time a client moves forward no matter how small or large the steps are, whether it’s getting documentation together, agreeing to work with outpatient psych and substance abuse services, encouraging working internally with various BRC programs, getting gainful employment, accepting permanent housing just to name a few. Knowing that my training and belief in the “Core Values” for which this agency stands for has assured me that I’m with the right organization.

Is there anything else you would like to share about your time at BRC?

The last 16 years have been so rewarding personally and professionally for me. The sky is not the limit for BRC and as long as I have the will to work I intend to be a part of this exceptional organization.

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