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The Ultimate Wedding Gift: Couple asks guests to give to BRC

A couple forced to make changes to their wedding celebration because of COVID-19 uses the opportunity to help BRC clients.

Because of the global COVID-19 pandemic, many people have had to postpone or cancel significant life event celebrations and gatherings, often adding to the tragedy of these difficult times.

For Jennifer and Harrison, the quarantine put a damper on their plans for a large wedding. While they still got married, they weren't able to celebrate with as many family and friends in person as they wanted to.

So they decided they'd find a silver lining in this otherwise gloomy cloud by using their happy occasion to help others. They asked those who would have been their guests, to consider donating to BRC, and help some of the most vulnerable get through this crisis.

As to why Jennifer and Harrison chose BRC, Jennifer said: "I first saw BRC at work in my local community and that's how we started to learn about them.  What drew me to BRC is your metrics and data driven approach.  Working in technology, using a data driven method to prove efficacy is important to me."

BRC helped their fundraiser by creating a customized fundraising page for Jennifer and Harrison to send to their guests, providing a secure way for them to donate directly online.

From as far away as Texas, California, Colorado and Illinois, friends and family came together "virtually" and donated in celebration of Jennifer and Harrison, responding to their call to help our clients in NYC as they reclaim their lives from homelessness, mental illness, and addiction while confronting our new realities and obstacles of the pandemic.  Their donations have made a much needed impact in helping BRC continue to do our work while keeping our clients and staff safe.

Congratulations to Jennifer and Harrison on their nuptials! And THANK YOU for letting BRC be a part of your happy day!

Jennifer and Harrison BRC Shirts

Learn more about "donating in celebration" fundraising:

Like Jennifer and Harrison, you can also offer your friends and family an alternative to material presents by inviting them to mark your special occasion with a donation to BRC.

If you are interested, e-mail us at We can discuss how best to plan and distribute your fundraiser, create a customized page, and provide you with updates and a donor list for your records and thank you notes.

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