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What keeps me motivated is seeing individuals accomplish the goals that they set for themselves.
Sadiqua, Deputy Director at BRC

Sadiqua, VP for Treatment and Housing Services

worked at BRC for almost 30 years. She started at BRC as a program supervisor and then was promoted to program director, and later to deputy executive director, and retired in September 2017.

Since my initial employment I have seen BRC grow as we reach out and assist individuals who struggle with being homeless, those addicted to drugs and alcohol, and living with mental illness. BRC meets individuals where they are and provides an array of services to fit individual needs.  

There is an understanding that everyone is not ready at the same time and it is important to work with people where they are. Over the course of time I have seen individuals reach goals that some thought they would never achieve.  

BRC meets the client where they are and encourages them to dream of what they want and provides the tools to make the dreams come true.

What keeps me motivated is seeing individuals accomplish the goals that they set for themselves.  

BRC provides a safe place in which residents learn to dream of what they want and go after the dream.  Individuals are encouraged to believe in themselves.

Over the years I have seen BRC grow from a small agency of 5-6 programs to an agency of over 25 programs. Within the growth, BRC has held true to the idea that all individuals are worthy of change and under the right circumstances not only welcome change but will change.  

I have seen individuals conquer their fears and begin to believe in themselves and move to change their circumstances. Many have changed because they experienced a renewed change in themselves and believed that there was a better life for them. The renewed belief that they were worthy helped them to try a different life style.  

Many individuals who were written off by society found a safe place in BRC. This of course did not happen overnight, sometimes it took years.

But as long as individuals struggle to make the changes, BRC will be there for them. 

From the Desk of Muzzy

Rather than create wealth for private developers, could we use the same shelter contract to create housing for low-income people?

Muzzy Rosenblatt,
CEO & President