Small Group

Volunteer Opportunities

Please note that the following are strictly typical volunteer projects; new needs come up rather frequently. You should also understand that you are not limited to program for individuals. Feel free to review our small and larger group activities as well. If you have any skill(s) or interest not found below, please let us know!

Thank you for visiting BRC's Volunteer Services page, and for considering BRC as your choice for volunteerism. Click here to register to volunteer.

Special Events

From time to time, BRC will host, or have hosted for us, special events such as book signings, a fundraising gala, crafts fairs, sporting events and more throughout the year. On these occasions, we need volunteers to assist us in various capacities such as setting up in preparation of the event and break down afterwards. We also require outgoing, friendly and engaging individuals who can assist in other roles such as ticket sales, check-in, coat check, traffic control, security and more.


Whether a back yard, a roof top or a patio, some of our programs are fortunate enough to have a space that is perfect for gardening. We can use your gardening expertise to beautify the area through planting, weeding and generally helping us keep the space neat and clean for our clients' and use.

Socialization and Recreation

Are you exceptionally outgoing and friendly? Are you able to jump right in and engage folks in conversation? Do you have a hobby or passion that you'd like to share, such as backgammon, chess, checkers, other board games? Perhaps you're great at arts and crafts, crochet, knitting or even embroidery? Maybe you're a huge movie buff. If so, our residents and staff can definitely use your enthusiasm!

Socialization is a crucial component of our clients' therapy, allowing them to fluidly readjust to daily living, gaining the ability to communicate effectively, and allowing them the confidence to express their thoughts and ideas. You can help in this capacity simply by coordinating and implementing a Bingo night, a chess tournament, movie festival, card games, arts & crafts and more.

Client Outings

When weather and staff availability allows, we try to bring our clients and residents on various outings throughout the year, whether to a museum, a ballgame, a movie or the local park. In order to do so, we need two to three very outgoing, friendly volunteers who can not only engage our clients and make certain they are enjoying themselves, but also work with our staff to insure their safety and security. Please note that the specific outings will vary by season. Staff will always participate.

Food Service

In order to continue to provide healthful meals and snacks for our clients, several of our residential programs and drop-in centers require additional assistance in their respective kitchens and dining areas with food preparation and service, clean-up afterwards and more. The time and needs vary by location so please get in touch if this is of particular interest to you. Note that due to space limitations, we are unable to accommodate larger groups in this particular capacity. This is also an ideal opportunity for individual volunteers.

Actual times and program locations will vary based upon the volunteer position, as well as your own availability. Contact Rick Akin of Volunteer Services at (212) 803-5720 or for more information.

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